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Travel insurance is a necessity to protect yourself and family members from unexpected circumstances during your travel.

What kind of losses can you claim from your travel insurance?

The coverage and limitations under the policy vary depending on the insurance company. Here are some of the benefits offered in most travel insurance policies:

Medical Expenses:
Failing sick while travelling can be a very scary andexpensive experience. In case of accident or illness, hospitalisation, medical and surgical expenses and outpatient medical expenses are payable under this benefit.

Some policies provide a daily allowance up to a certain number of days if you are hospitalised for more than 24 hours.

Personal Accident:
Compensation is paid in the event of death and permanent total disablement due to an accident. The compensation is paid based on a scale of benefits.

Emergency Medical Evacuation/Transportation:
Medical evacuations and emergency transportation can be very costly but in some cases are unavoidable e.g. when the illness is serious and medical attention is not available in that country. Travel insurers normally tie up with international companies providing these services to provide for evacuation, with medical supervision, to the nearest facilities that is able to provide the
proper care for an accident or illness.

In case of death, reimbursement will be made to the legalrepresentative for the cost of transporting the remains home.

Trip Delay:
This benefit provides reimbursement for the expenses incurred if flight or voyage is delayed for more than a spectied number of
hours due to reasons beyond your control.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption:
Policies generally cover nonrefundable payments or deposits if your trip is cancelled or interrupted due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. For example, insurers will rely on warnings issued by the government with regard to travel restrictions due to national safety concerns.

Loss of Luggage & Personal Effects:
This benefit covers loss, damage or delay of your baggage, clothing, personal effects and money caused by a carrier There are usually limits to the claims payable for such losses and these are always specified in the policy.

Travel Documents:
In the event of theft or accidental destruction of your passport and/or travel tickets, you will be reimbursed the replacement cost and the additional accommodation and travel expenses incurred while you are waiting for replacements. You must report the loss to the police within 24 hours.

Although hijackings are not so frequent nowadays due to enhanced security your insurance will provide for specified daily benefits up to a certain number of days I your travel is disrupted due to a hijacking of your plane.

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