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About Shah Alam - History of Shah Alam - Shah Alam Location - Shah Alam Industry - Tour at Shah Alam - Shah Alam Map

About Shah Alam ( short Introduction )

Shah Alam (population 120,000) is a city in Malaysia. Selangor’s capital city is the beautiful, clean town of Shah Alam. Shah Alam is proud to be home to the world’s only agro-forestry park,is a showpiece city and its careful planning is evident everywhere. Which is the green park of Bukit Cahaya.Cultural attractions and several new hotels round out the appeal and attraction of Shah Alam. This city also has a lovely landscaped recreational park with an idyllic lakeside setting and even a “floating” restaurant in the vicinity. Shah Alam also possesses a world-class stadium and sports complex and an international standard racing track. Hailed as one of the most well-planned cities, Shah Alam has most of its residential area on one side of the Federal Highway and industrial zones on the other. Hence, Shah Alam has been constructed according to a blueprint drawn up with the environment at the forethought of the planners.

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History of Shah Alam

Long ago, Shah Alam was known as Sungai Renggam and is known only as an oil palm estate. Later, the same area was identified as Batu Tiga prior to Malaysian independence, and has been a centre of palm oil trade for centuries.

In 1978, it replaced Kuala Lumpur as the capital city of the state of Selangor due to Kuala Lumpur's incorporation into a Federal Territory

Today, Shah Alam is most famous for its spectacular masjid (mosque).A racing circuit near the city was used for Grand Prix motorcycle racing and was named the 'Shah Alam Motor Paradise', but was demolished in 2003.

Today, the city has a similar urban layout as Petaling Jaya with housing areas occupying most of the city areas (55.2 sq. km.) and commercial centres scattered around the different 'Seksyen' (section) areas. It has become a showpiece city of the future, free from the inherent problems of haphazard development and shanty towns found in other major growth centers.

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Location of Shah Alam

Shah Alam, Selangor's state capital, is a modern township surrounded at its periphery by Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and five other major townships including Klang, Bangi, and Kajang. Located halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Port Klang, It enjoys a vantage location being ideally located halfway between the national capital, KL, and the viable Port Klang. The city is about 25 to 30 km west of the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur and just 15 minutes from Subang Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

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Shah Alam Industry

The main plant of the Malaysian car manufacturer Proton is also located in Shah Alam. Shah Alam flourished as a growing settlement after the Proton car manufacturing plant was set up, which marked the beginning of the city as an industrial city. In fact, many of the city's streets are named after tools such as 'Jalan Gergaji' (Saw Road) and also named after professions such as 'Jalan Usahawan' (Entrepreneur Road) and 'Jalan Nelayan' (Fisherman Road) which hints at the growing stature of the city as an industrial hub of the state. The city was granted city status on 10 October 2000 with Dato' Haji Abu Sujak Haji Mahmud as the first City mayor.

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Tour at Shah Alam

Sultan Salahuhddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque
Selangor's new capital is dominated by the enormous minarets and gleaming blue dome of the State Mosque, Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.The enormous aluminium dome is reputed to be the among the largest in the Islamic world. The mosque sits alongside the city's manmade central lake, which is also adjoined by Urban Shah Alam, a beautifully landscaped recreational park.

When visiting the city, you will certainly be impressed by the beautiful architectural design of the State Mosque, the Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.

Dominating the entire state capital, this is truly one of the finest mosques to be found anywhere in the world. Completed in 1988, its minarets, at 142.3 meters, are the tallest in the world. Its graceful blue dome is also one of the biggest of its kind. Decorative Islamic calligraphy enhances the dome and main prayer hall, while the overall architecture integrates Malay and Moorish design elements. The mosque's pulpit has been executed in carved timber, a masterpiece of local craftsmen from the state of Kelantan.
This breathtaking mosque is an awesome sight; you can spot its blue dome - said to be the largest in the world - from quite a distance away.

Shah Alam Lake Gardens
For relaxation, head for the Shah Alam Lake Gardens. It is the site of annual events such as the International Boat Show and the Selangor Orchid Exhibition. A delightful system of man-made lakes graces the town center. Picnic area dot this well-kept parkland and a floating seafood restaurant stands on the fringes of the lakes.

State Monument & State Secretariat Building
On a landscaped hill overlooking the town center is the towering 24-story Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah building. Built with elements of traditional Bugis design, it houses the state secretariat and administrative offices of the state government. Just before this is the serene and lovely State Monument with a sweeping arch, reflecting pools and gold inscriptions on gray Selangor granite. Because of its picturesque settings, the State Monument is a favorite location for shutterbugs and tourists.

Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam Agricultural Park
Better known as the Malaysia Agricultural Park, this is the only agro-forestry in this part of the world. The park is designed in such a way that it affords visitors a glimpse of the country's agricultural resources such as oil palms, padi fields, rubber trees, coconut trees and other fruit trees. All these are set within a luscious tropical rainforest in a scenic 1,290 hectare site, just 1km from Shah Alam town center. Its planner has in mind an open-air university for the dual purpose of recreation and education. Here is a place to learn all about trees by their names!

The Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM and formerly known as Institut Teknologi MARA or ITM) which is known as Malaysia's affirmative action symbol is located in the state capital.

The city also boasts the huge and modern Shah Alam Stadium with a capacity of 81, 000 and 5,500 parking lots where many fairs were held and the stadium is where the Selangor state team plays its football. However, the stadium has fallen into disuse as the standard of the country's football league floundered and the turnout at local matches fell to a mere 1,000 spectators at best.

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